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Without a plan, your assets may not be protected!

At this online workshop, we will discuss...

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How to avoid the expensive probate process

How some couples can legally be exempt from federal estate taxes

How to protect your life savings and home from the costs of a nursing home

The latest Long Term Care options (and how to get it without breaking the bank!)

...And MUCH more!

Wills vs trusts - What's the difference?


Register Now >> Wednesday, September 20th @ 7:00 PM MDT

What Should You Be Doing Today To Optimize Social Security & Retire Financially Fit?

**This is an online event.  Just register, join from an email 15 minutes prior to the event and enjoy the presentation from the comfort of your home!

Wednesday, September 20th @ 7:00 PM MDT

...Retire With Confidence!

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What you can expect from Social Security when you claim (will it be there when you need it and how can you get the most amount possible?)

What you should be doing right now in order to retire financially fit

How to guard against inflation (ensure you and your family don't outlive your money)


About Your Host:


This is one of the most powerful programs we have ever built!

How has the recent pandemic impacted the market? (and can you avoid more losses?)

How to determine your Social Security claiming strategy to maximize benefits


For almost two decades, financial advisor Barbara Swiatek has been helping hundreds of families prepare for their retirement using well-defined and personalized strategies.  As a result of her experience and observations, the “Safety First” motto is the driving force behind each personalized, comprehensive, “Financial Endurance Plan”, Barbara prepares for her clients.

Barbara is passionate about retirement planning, because she witnessed firsthand when many people were forced to go back to work, change their lifestyle and/or delay retirement as a result of losing their retirement funds in the stock market in 2001 and 2008. Barbara made it her mission to inform as many individuals as she can how to strategically prepare and invest for each stage of their lives.

Phone: 719-597-2179

Email: info@sffinancialservices.com

Website: www.sffinancialservices.com

Wednesday, September 20th @ 7:00 PM MDT

As a fiduciary and Investment Advisor Representative licensed in various states across the U.S., Barbara is also licensed in most states for life, health and long-term care insurance.  SF Financial has found its niche in focusing on retirement planning.  

In her role as a financial advisor, Barbara is also a community educator. She hosts a weekend radio show titled, “Retire Financially Fit”, and holds workshops on personal finance and retirement planning.  Through her events, she brings her knowledge and experience to those seeking sound and predictable strategies in preparing for retirement.